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graphic "O"Origin logomarkrigin BioMedicinals Inc. brings needed biomedicinal natural products to professional care givers and consumers. We use the highest quality active ingredients, but more importantly, we back up our products with documented scientific and clinical proof of their effectiveness.

Many natural health products on the market today lack high quality ingredients; sufficient quantity of the ingredients to provide a health benefit; and documented evidence of their effectiveness. With its access to qualified pharmacists, medical researchers and clinicians, Origin provides only those products which have a solid scientific foundation.

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The medical establishment continues to recognize what the wise consumer has always known – that whole foods and natural medicines are the origin of human health. Because of this recognition, US and Canadian government agencies are continuing to increase their support of research for natural biomedicinal substances. The founders of Origin BioMedicinals believe that this positive trend will result in more natural products being developed which are proven to be safe and effective in treating a broad range of conditions.