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HerpeStat® Medicated Cream

HerpeStat® Medicated Cream

For Self-treatment of Herpes
(Active: standardized extract of Prunella vulgaris)

Medical researchers discover a potent herbal compound that inhibits the Herpes virus.

erpeStat Medicated Cream is the result of over four years of medical research – a laboratory tested non-prescription, self-treatment for oral and genitalherpes. HerpeStat is a safe and effective medication for herpes sores. It consists of an emollient cream formulation containing 1% Prunella vulgaris extract that is standardized for the PVP-E active compound. 5 g and 15 g (1/2 oz.) ointment tube.Order HerpeStat® online
Packages are shipped without external labelling of product name.

  • HerpeStat contains only the highest quality ingredients

  • Over four years of medical research at a Canadian University have led to the development of HerpeStat

  • Petri culture dishes offer visual proof that HerpeStat inhibits the Herpes virus

From Am. Soc. for Microbiology
“A New Anti-herpes Drug from a Common Herb, Self-Heal”From Antiviral Research
“Isolation and characterization of an anti-HSV polysaccharide from Prunella vulgaris”

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